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Becker Inferno Upcoming Board Meetings

Date: Friday, June 21st

Time: 7pm

Location: TBD  (Closed Meeting)




Phone: 763.482.9454


Corey's Terms
President: 2020 - Present

President's Responsibilities

  • Set agenda
  • Schedule and run meetings
  • Answer parent questions/concerns
  • Communicate with NCR
  • Daily email check
  • Own & present parent meeting/ppt
  • General communication with community ed
  • Manages registration procedure with NCR and JVA
  • Works with other activities within Becker to assure players have the best opportunity to pursue volleyball and other interests (Basketball, Dance recitals, Softball tryout etc.)



Jess Vealetzek

Vice President

Phone: 612.352.8890


Jess' Terms
December 2022 - Present




Vice President's Responsibilities

  • Support President in any capacity needed
  • Must attend all meetings
  • Must be available for all members and their suggestions
  • Handles communications with Becker school programs
  • Establish relationships with local businesses for sponsorships
  • Receive, review and communicate with families regarding scholarship applications
  • Build teams in WebPoint (this will now be in only AES)
  • Build and work with Sports Engine to open registration for players
  • Schedule competitive events for each JO team, maintain list of club funded and team funded events
  • Collect black out dates from coaches at beginning of season
  • Any other duties assigned by president



open position

Secretary & Registration Coordinator



Secretary's Responsibilities

  • Acts as correspondence officer with other organizations
  • Must attend all board meetings
  • Keep a tentative record of member attendance at meetings and functions
  • Work with VP to create and manage fall registration.
  • Coordinate opening and closing registration for Inferno tournaments.
  • Add each team's roster to each team's page in Sports Engine after team formation is complete.
  • Verify all player's (and coaches') certifications are complete. 
  • Communicate with (players and) coaches on any missed certifications to ensure completion.
  • Responsible for typing all documents and meeting minutes. If absent, must find another board member to take notes/minutes.
  • Distribute meeting minutes within one week of meeting.
  • Post approved meeting minutes and upcoming meeting dates on website.
  • Maintain list of monthly tasks for board for reference
  • Any other duties assigned by the president



Open position





Treasurer's Responsibilities

  • Responsible for handling the money and receipts for Inferno JO Volleyball
  • Shall be able to speak about the budget, as needed, at any meeting
  • Monthly budget reconciliation with bank account
  • Shall follow up with each coordinator after each event to reconcile budget
  • Shall be directly involved with planning each teams budget, including researching prices and filling out the proposal
  • Keep an organized Inferno JO Treasurer financial information/data to pass on to the next treasurer
  • If absent from the meeting, must personally find someone else to represent the Treasurer or provide budget updates to president prior to meeting.
  • Works closely with the registration coordinator to ensure all event funding is completed in a timely manner
  • Keep track of this funding for easy reference
  • Owns all invoicing and refunding tasks
  • Take responsibility for the PO box- pick up and annual payment
  • Work with accountants to complete club taxes each year
  • Issue payments to coaches



Jess vealetzek

Webmaster/Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 612.352.8890


Jess' Terms
Webmaster & Marketing Coordinator: December 2022 - Present

Webmaster & Markeing Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Manages Inferno JO website
  • Maintains and updates team social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Responsible for design and distribution of advertisements for all Inferno JO events
  • Creates Community Ed Journal entries submit to Community Ed.
  • Educates coaches and team managers on team page management
  • Creates, distributes and analyzes surveys to present to board
  • Assists in emailing information to club members (parents, coaches and players)
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Any other duties as assigned by President



open position

Event Coordinator


Event Coordinator: 

Event Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Assist with any coordination needed for adult tournaments
  • Coordinate club camps
  • Coordinate and prepare for Inferno tournaments including:
    • Arrange vendors
    • Print score sheets and build folders
    • Create court signs
    • Update pool/rule sheets
    • Arrange and plan menu, and order food for concessions
    • Arrange/determine site coordinators for each location
    • Communicate any site needs with community education
    • Complete Sign-up Genius for volunteers
    • Work with Treasurer to set up concession and admission money
  • Add event dates to the Sports Engine Calendar.
  • Attend all meetings
  • Any other duties assigned by the president



open position

Facility Coordinator


Facility Coordinator:

Facility Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Coordinates practice time and gym time with Community Ed for all Inferno JO events
  • Works closely with the Registration Coordinator and coaches to reserve proper amount of gym space
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Any other duties assigned by the President



kyanna marx

Equipment & Apparel Coordinator

Phone: 320.828.4981


Kyanna's Terms:
Equipment, Apparel, Jersey Coordinator: December 2022 - Present

Equipment, Apparel and Jersey Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Manages equipment and medical supplies for all JO teams including (Dispersing to teams at beginning of the season and collecting at the end of the season)
  • Maintain inventory of club equipment
  • Order replacements for any lost or damaged equipment (Work with treasurer to order new equipment.)
  • Assists Marketing Coordinator with uniform and clothing orders
  • Assign jersey numbers, place jersey orders, and track jersey numbers from year to year
  • Order and maintain Libero jerseys and extra team jerseys
  • Work with school custodians to obtain any equipment left behind or retrieved from nets/bleachers
  • Manage/arrange equipment for club activities including, fall camp, tryouts, etc.
  • Manage t-shirt orders for fall camp participants and high school volunteers
  • Attends all meetings
  • Any other duties as assigned by the President



ashley vealetzek

Coach Coordinator

Phone: 320.455.1515


Ashley's Terms:

Coach Coordinator: December 2022 - Present

Coach Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Creates and maintains coach contracts
  • Responsible for recruitment of coaches for each JO season
  • Holds post-season coach interviews
  • Responsible for pre-season training of coaches on rules and procedures
  • Tracks officiating training, background checks and other required coach tasks
  • Assists coaches with addressing any parent communication as needed
  • Coordinates and facilitates tryouts
  • Maintains communication with coaches
  • Acts as tournament director for Inferno tournaments
  • Assists coaches with finding replacement players if needed
  • Manages coaches during season by observing practices and providing feedback
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the President