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About Us

Becker Inferno JO VolleyballPlayer/Parent Handbook 2023-24

Mission Statement

Becker Inferno JO Volleyball is dedicated to supporting and promoting competitive volleyball for female athletes in grades 4-12.


Becker Inferno JO Volleyball encourages teamwork, respect, responsibility, discipline, and positive attitudes on and off the court. Becker Inferno JO Volleyball promotes sportsmanship, working hard, and having fun.  All players can expect to have playing time based on such factors as position, attendance, attitude, dedication, hustle, and behavior.

Program Overview

Becker Inferno JO Volleyball is a competitive program with the goal to provide a positive experience for all athletes in the program. The program will host a parent informational meeting Tentatively on Monday, October 23rd at 7pm in the High School Small Auditorium.    Attendance is strongly recommended for players and parents. Players and parents will be provided a general overview of how the program works, answer any questions players and parents may have, given tryout dates, a review of the registration process, and an opportunity for players to try on uniforms for appropriate sizing. Online registration with payment is required prior to the tryout date, and NO REFUND will be issued after a player has completed tryouts and teams have been formed (refunds for medical reasons will be considered on an individual basis if no prior medical issue has been reported).  Online registration will open TENTATIVELY on Monday, Oct 23rd after the parent meeting.

Team Overview
  • 10-12 players
  • 1-2 practices per week
  • Season runs December through March (pending coach's schedule)
  • Volunteer Head Coach and Assistant Coach

*Grade levels may be combined on teams based on enrollment numbers

*With the growth of our program, if players are required to be cut from a team due to team size, those players will be issued a refund. 

Season Fees

Fees cover tournament entry fees (number of tournaments is pending on cost), USAV/NCR registration fees, and uniform top. 

10U- 12U    $400.00 (Inferno Club)+ $55.00 (player membership fee with NCR) = $455.00

13U-18U   $425.00 (Inferno Club ) + $55.00 (player membership fee with NCR) =$480.00 

*There is a credit card processing fee added to your registration fee to Inferno above and beyond your payment.  


Players 11U/12U and older must attend the evaluation tryout to be considered for team placement.  10U will NOT have tryouts.   Athletes are placed on teams based on their athletic abilities and skill level.  Athletes are placed on teams by their evaluation performance and positional needs are taken into consideration for the best opportunity for success for the team. Tryouts will be held TENTATIVELY on Monday, November 6th for grades 5th-8th at 7pm in the Field House and on Monday, November 13th at 7pm in the High School gym for grades 9th-12th.

Playing Time

Any issues with playing time should always be handled by the player approaching the coach first. Playing time WILL NOT BE EQUAL for 13U and older girls; we promote equal time, if possible, at the 10U-12U level. 

-Winning occurs through mental attitude and physical ability, positive attitude, coaching, and teammates.

We will be coaching to win. This means putting the strongest team on the court during a tournament, and in particular, during the playoffs of a tournament.

All players will receive an equal opportunity to practice. Game play time will be based on skill level, practice intensity, missed practice time, attitude, and the position played may be a determining factor in playing time.

These are important guidelines for setting clear expectations for both players and parents. They will help us all have a positive experience during the JO volleyball season.


After your athlete has attempted to speak with the coach on their own, consider the following before acting further:

  • Coaches will not discuss “coaching decisions”. “Coaching decisions” include who played, who subbed, who served, etc. 
  • The playing time of an athlete is determined by the coach, the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the team’s needs at the present time, and the team’s needs in the future to foster success. 

Procedures to follow if you as a parent have concerns about policies or actions:

  1. Adhere to the 24-hour rule.
  2. Athletes should speak with the coach.
  3. If the matter remains unresolved after the athlete speaks to the coach, then the parent should set up a meeting to speak to the coach. **Parents are not to approach a coach during a tournament or play date; the coaches will be instructed to REFUSE to discuss any controversial matter and to refer the parent to the Becker Inferno JO Board of Directors.
  4. If the matter still remains unresolved, or if the parent has a reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not resolve, the parent may contact the Becker Inferno JO Board of Directors and request a meeting with the coach and the members. In most situations, we will ask the athlete to attend the meeting as well.

*Players must treat their coach with respect. If problems persist, the player will be talked to by the coach. If the problems continue, the coach will talk to the player with the parents. Ongoing, inappropriate behavior may end in the termination of the player from the organization (with NO REFUND). 

The Becker Inferno JO Board of Directors consists of volunteers. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for the operations of the JO VB program including finances, parent handbook, ordering equipment and uniforms, practice schedules, coaches clinics, and tournament registrations.



Print Player Name-

I have read the handbook and agree to these terms. I will do my part as a player with the Becker Inferno Volleyball program to be a positive team player, have a positive attitude, work hard for both my team and coach, and be respectful and communicate with my coach about any concerns that I have.  

Player signature_____________________________________    Date____________

I have read the handbook and agree to these terms and will promote my daughter’s playing experience by encouraging her to have a positive attitude, good communication skills, and teamwork.

Parent signature______________________________________ Date____________